Sustainable development


Kazatomprom is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility. The company pays particular attention to the health of its employees. Employment benefits include full medical insurance and sanatorium-and-resort treatment.

There are 24-hour aid posts at all Kazatomprom mines, where medical personnel conduct daily pre-shift examination of employees.

The Company has built and repaired eight medical sanitary units in uranium-mining regions to provide employees who work at the mines and live in company accommodation with high quality medical services. The highly qualified doctors at these hospitals and polyclinics provide a set of medical services not only to employees of the enterprises, but also to the local population.

In addition, the medical and sanitary units annually conduct mandatory medical examination of all workers, which allows for early detection of diseases, patient registration and treatment.

Health facilities are provided with modern equipment and have general departments – pediatric, laboratory, surgical, obstetric and gynecological, dental, neurological, etc.

In addition, over 600 million Tenge are allocated annually for medical insurance of employees of the Company's group of subsidiaries.

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