Sustainable development

JSC NAC Kazatomprom is the largest community-focused company in Kazakhstan, with its primary focus being the wellbeing of the Kazakh people.

The combination of economic success and a high level of social and environmental responsibility are among the essential components of sustainable development. Kazatomprom has developed its sustainable development platform in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the company’s Articles of Association, 2015-2025 Development Strategy and other internal documents.

To strengthen the company’s position as the socially responsible company and to settle social and economic development tasks in the medium term, JSC NAC Kazatomprom has developed and approved a Sustainable Development Program on Corporate Social Responsibility for 2017-2019 that highlights the companies social responsibility  and displays the company’s social and economic development tasks in the medium term.

Since its founding, Kazatomprom has been committed to socio-economic responsibility, infrastructure development, improving living standards and the quality of life of its employees, as well as the residents of uranium mining regions.

The company has prioritised socially responsible activities including the implementation of social programs, support for science, education, health and culture, promoting healthy lifestyles, professional development and the improvement of working conditions, safety and occupational health, environmental conservation.

The company has also made significant investments in improving public infrastructure for Kazakh citizens, having built and renovated hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, road bridges, entertainment centres and other social facilities.

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