Sustainable development

Management Approach

Kazatomprom’s approach to sustainability management is based on aligning the Company's operations and strategic development priorities with fundamental corporate responsibility and sustainable development principles, and national and regional development priorities. The approach is geared towards:

  • complying with regulatory and legal requirements;
  • effectively managing sustainable development risks;
  • consistently applying best industry sustainable development practices and the recommendations of international sustainable development standards;
  • enhancing interactions with stakeholders so as to effectively address the most material sustainable development issues.

The sustainability management approach is consistent with Kazatomprom’s corporate values and underpins the development of corporate sustainability management practices and increasing the Company’s sustainability.

Kazatomprom’s corporate values


Kazatomprom is aware of its responsibility in shaping the foundations of a sustainable future and makes efforts to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ("UN SDGs") and the implementation of the principles of the UN Global Compact by consistently integrating the principles of sustainable development into business activities. While recognising the importance of all 17 SDGs, Kazatomprom focuses its effort on six goals that are of particular significance to its business and the uranium mining industry, under which it can make meaningful progress.

Sustainable development management practice

In order to integrate and implement the principles of sustainable development, the Company seeks to comply with and introduce industry best practice in sustainable development in its operations, including the key principles of the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM) and the World Nuclear Association (WNA), while expanding its competencies in partnership with the international community.

Kazatomprom continues to improve its corporate practice of sustainable development management by developing, implementing and improveing internal documents that regulate various aspects of sustainable development, as well as integrating the principles of sustainable development into its activities and corporate governance system.

The Company approved a sustainability policy in 2020, which encompasses its business intentions and aspirations for sustainability, including long-term goals and objectives, fundamental principles, and the key priority areas on which Kazatomprom will focus its sustainability efforts.

Kazatomprom strives to integrate the principles of sustainable development into its activities by effectively managing risks in the field of sustainable development and identifying new opportunities for further development, increasing efficiency and competitiveness, stimulating growth and innovation, as well as through the development and implementation of measures for the following priority areas:

  • economic sustainability;
  • development of human capital and culture;
  • occupational health & safety;
  • environmental responsibility;
  • scientific, technical and innovative technological development;
  • effective corporate governance and risk culture;
  • high ethical standards and anti-corruption;
  • responsible procurement;
  • responsible business conduct - interaction with stakeholders, local communities and reporting.
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